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You want a what?!?

My husband just submitted his last paper for is MBA… A grueling year and a half of school and demanding job and he was finally done! I thought to myself “I need to have the graduation party of the century for him, or maybe he just wants a nice watch, or a vacation!”
“Can I get a gun?” He blurts out of no where. Really! A freaking gun I thought to myself. I don’t like guns, they scare me! He has asked me in the past and I have always been quick to say no.
“OK” I said, how could I say no? He had just worked his ass off and this is what he really wanted. What is the harm in getting one little gun anyways. It ¬†will be locked away in some safe and he will forget he even has it. Maybe it is a good idea, it seems like there are more break ins lately and our Pitbull is the biggest wimp in the world!
So, guns must be like tattoos, you cant just get one (and yes my husband has a lot of tattoos as well!) So he gets a gun then another one and I think another one (lost count). Boxes keep getting delivered to the house, bullets, gun cleaning stuff, ear muffs..oh and get this…”shooting pants!!!!” You really need a special pair of pants to go shooting?? Ok, so I guess this is okay, gives him some guy time and gives me a good excuse to plan more “wine nights” with the girls.
Until he asks me to go to the shooting range with him……really?! I thought this was a guy activity! I drag my feet as long as I could. Shooting a gun seems so boring! Like those boring video games he plays. I wonder if I have to wear those special pants! hehe!
So I finally agree, we are going to have a double date at the the shooting range, followed by dinner and (hopefully) a lot of drinks! I do like food and drinks!!!